Partners & Investors

LLC Nedvizhimost Industries

commercial development projects in Russia and abroad. The company has major assets in commercial real estate — 520 thousand m2 with total value of over 300 mln USD

Scientific center in Chernogolovka of the Russian academy of science

Scientific center in Chernogolovka of the Russian academy of science is a major research center of Russia. It incorporates academy’ s institutes, renowned for they fundamental and applied studies. It provides for the scientific foundation, required to high-tech industries, betting on innovative products.


established in 1941. merging production facilities of Moscow pilot tyre plant. The enterprise acts as an industrial major scientific organization and one of the most important R&D centers of Russia. The institute possesses of the biggest in Russia patents database for tyre industry.

JSC VNIIinstrument

established in1943. Develops and does turn-key supplies of innovative technologies of metal processing, wood processing, equipment and instruments of all kinds, addresses challenges of technological advancement of machine shops of the military and civil machine-building, introduces flexible integrated technological modules.

JSC Krasfarma

established in1959. Is one of the biggest chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers of Russia. The factory consists of 4 technological lines: penicillin production, production of streptomycin, dextran-based blood substitutes and infusion solutions, The program of the enterprise’ s total upgrading was developed to shift it to GMP standard in near future.