Program of Development


  • To create favorable conditions for development and competitive edge of Russian innovative companies in the international market and to ensure success of their products in Russia and abroad.
  • To develop existing technopark, providing for sped-up social and economic and scientific and technological growth of Pereslavl-Zalessky potential. To increase investment attraction of science-intensive industries of Yaroslavl region.
  • To establish and further promote unified model of innovation and industrial parks, which will boast the conditions, required for all stages of innovative process from fundamental research and prototypes to large-scale production of science-intensive competitive products.

Development concept

Technopark has a unified architectural and structural design, which will allow to accommodate the existing buildings and future objects on the territory with the square of 131.3 hectares..

Commercial sites will occupy 807 thousand m2 totally, including:

  • Office and auxiliary sites – 256 thousand m2
  • Production sites — 324 thousand m2
  • Storage facilities — 170.1 thousand m2
  • Residential facilities – 52 thousand m2
  • Hotelcomplex50 rooms

Development of Technopark’ s production infrastructure:

  • Construction of production facilities and preparation for their operation
  • Construction of administrative and office dwellings
  • Developmentofmoderntelecominfrastructure
  • Laying of new high-speed communication lines and associated administration systems.
  • Additional construction of internal roads, repair and servicing.
  • Parking construction.

Development of associated business-infrastructure

  • development of hotel complex
  • construction of the main convention center
  • construction of exhibition center
  • establishing of a business-center to accommodate bank branches, legal firms, insurance companies, marketing, advertising and PR-agencies, recruiting agencies.

Creation of social infrastructure

  • construction of rooms for entertainment centers, gyms, shops and malls.
  • Construction of residential houses for employees of Technopark and people from services sphere.

Financial indicators

  • Pay-back period of technopark — 6 years
  • Total construction budget — 5 649.000 thousand RUR.
  • Total calculated investments into the project — 6.8 bln RUR
  • Total area – 807 thousand m2.
  • Tax allocations to the budget — 1300 mln RUR
  • Jobs to be created — 6 000.

Program management

The target program Pereslavsky technopark is managed by Coordination council, which incorporates representatives from:

  • Russian government
  • Yaroslavl regional government
  • Local authorities
  • Russian academy of sciences’ institutions
  • Key investors

Expected results

The activity of Pereslavsky Technopark should result in:

  • Favorable conditions to develop small and medium size science-intensive high-tech enterprises
  • Implementation of innovative business-model
  • Increase in competitiveness of Russian innovative companies and their products in the Russian and international markets.
  • Comprehensive sustainable social and economic development of Pereslavl-Zalessky, improvement of the population’ s living standards.
  • Creation of well-paid and prestigious jobs and attractive working conditions.
  • More opportunities for the youth professional self-realization, prevention of outflow of scientists and engineers.
  • Better tax revenue for the budgets of all levels.


  • State program “ Establishing in the Russian Federation of technoparks in the sphere of high technologies”, approved by the resolution of the Government of Russia on march 10th, 2006. № 328-р
  • Bylaw of the Government of Russia dated December 20th, 2007 №904 “ On the order of granting funds from the federal budget, envisaged to establish technoparks in the sphere of high technologies”
  • Resolutions of the Government of Russia dated 27.01.2009 N 64 and dated 10.03.2009 N 219

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