Sites of different purposes

Logistics and storage services (price-list)

  • Transportation and forwarding services;
  • Temporary storage services;
  • Safe storage services with the full range of storage operations;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Fully-automated workflow;
  • Online information on availability, disposition and movement of cargo traffic at warehouses;
  • Repair, maintenance, inspection of measurement and control instruments (price-list);

Technological infrastructure (price-list)

  • Power supply;
  • Heat supply (heat supply indicators are in the file attached);
  • Water supply and sewage (privately-owned treatment facilities);
  • Servicing of residents’ life support systems;
  • Real estate management;
  • Engineering services;
  • Waste recycling;

Consulting and financial services

  • Engineering consulting, approval and reconciliation of technical documentation;
  • Financial consulting;
  • Crisis management and enterprises’ rehabilitation;
  • Co-funding of innovative projects and technologies, using individual schemes for instance by granting to the innovators of financial and product credits or buying a stake in their companies to provide funds;

Informational infrastructure

  • Services of the Computer technologies center (price-list)

Associated services

  • Arranging conferences and exhibitions;
  • Parking and car servicing;
  • Hotel;
  • Public catering;
  • Household services;

Innovating infrastructure

  • Supporting of transfers and technologies implementation;
  • Projects’ complex expert analysis, contracting experts fro the Russian academy of science (when selecting projects for investment);

Safety and security

  • Fenced and protected territory, arranging for checkpoints;
  • Has its own fire squad;


  • Environmental monitoring of air and water objects;
  • Development and coordination of regulations in the sphere of environment;